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June 29, 2017

A Culture Centered Around YOU

Since our founding in 1994, Laventure / Great Clips has built a positive work culture that is focused on our people. Just ask any one of our employees (most of whom have been part of our family for several years), and they will be the first to tell you: with us you will find respect, belonging, and an appreciation for who you are as a person. In many companies today, large and small, people are all-too-often commoditized. Not at Laventure. Here, we place family first.

“These past two decades as a Great Clips franchise owner have been great, and I have my people to thank for it,” comments Laventure founder and president, Lee Vescelius. “As a retail operation, I know how important it is to create a positive experience for every customer that walks through our doors. We want it to be so positive that they will keep coming back—and for that we need to forge great relationships with them. They want to come back to find a familiar face, and someone who knows them, and knows how to make them look and feel GREAT.”

“It’s not just anyone who can do that,” Lee continues. “It’s not enough to be able to cut hair well. It also takes a soul that can love and care about the customer—because the customer is a person too. That’s how relationships are built—especially in this profession. As an employer, if we want our people to regard the customers with love and care, then we know how important it is to build a work culture that is centered around love and caring. And I know it’s the reason for our success.”

The Laventure/Great Clips Opportunity

Laventure Great Clips continues to grow our family and service in our community.  We provide an environment, culture and atmosphere that is focused on YOU. We want you to do what you do best, while we take care of the rest. The nature of our profession is in prosperous client relationships (because, as Lee just stated above, that’s what keeps them coming back!). We want you to focus on building those relationships, without having to worry about management issues, all the while knowing that you’re earning a great living with great benefits.

With a total compensation package that can well exceed $45,000, at Laventure/Great Clips Team, you will:

  • Start earning right away with a guaranteed base.
  • Get total compensation that well exceeds $20/hour (above industry norms).
  • Have the BEST benefits package you’ll find anywhere, including AETNA full major medical (with co-pays), dental, paid vacation, paid holidays, and matching 401k.
  • Have opportunities for professional growth, training and management positions.
  • Have a flexible work schedule.

But as we said: don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself.

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